Unleash The Healer Within

The Shamanic Energy Healer Training Course is as much about healing yourself & your own personal journey as it is about putting you in a powerful position to help other people with theirs.

Perform energy healing for yourself & another person from start to finish.

Attune to open your channel to receive & send healing energy.

Add powerful techniques to your existing practice 

Provide a certificate of qualification for a successful therapy practice.

16-Hours of Tutored Training

15-Hours of Home Study

Supervised Support

How to prepare yourself & the space before a healing

Spacial awareness

How to channel energy

Different ways in which we can move & use movement to enhance healing

Permission Slips & how we create & influence reality with our minds

Protection from negative energy & how not to pick up stuff from clients

How to use the breath to enhance healing

Hands-on and hands-off healing techniques

Opening / closing rituals & how to hold space

Level 1 Energy Healer certificates will be awarded on completion of this course after which further modules are accessible.

Membership of a community of healers for mutual support & growth

Access to Facebook & Whatsapp groups to help with the growth of your healing business & to be a part of a growing family of like-minded people

Invitations to participate in social gatherings & healing events


The investment in the course is on a sliding scale as we don’t want those on a lower income to be excluded.

Book now and choose how much you pay.

Choose a price tier or pay a deposit to secure your place.

At present, there are no courses in the diary but if you want to guarantee a place on a course in London, Liverpool or Bristol in Spring/Summer 2020 at 2019 prices, put down a deposit now

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